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 Say  "NO"   to disposable sponges with this reusable scrubber, crocheted by hand with all-cotton yarn.  Use to wash dishes, wipe up spills, or scrub counters, sinks and bathtubs. Will not scratch Teflon™ or Porcelain pots or pans. Can also be used as body scrubs in the bath or shower.
To clean: machine wash and dry well, or toss in the dishwasher.  Allow to dry after using.  No more icky, synthetic sponges added to the waste stream. It is also great for removing "love bugs" from your car without scratching or harming the finish.

This is for 1 or 2 Tawashi  scrubbers at random choice of colors, the one you receive may not have the same color combination as the one pictured as it will be picked at random. However, if you wish specific colors contact us.  The Tawashi pictured shows what a Tawshi looks like.